Shirkii Jowhar Oo Furmay iyo Madaxweyne Xasan Sheekh Oo Qeyb Galay

The conference will be sitting President of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamud of the cabinet and parliament and the formation of the first,Government / central Ali Abdullahi Hussein took qudabadii first meeting he welcomed the president Sh / intermediate.

“The state government between markers were worn by the reception and hospitality eight months and thank God that the problem does not occur.” He told the streets in huge numbers.

Also Governor Sh / central Hiran region thanked the mission for eight months in sabrayay jowharna.

“Authorities in the region Sh / central lamideynayaa but residents are already acting.” He added.

Government / central finally announced, “Welcome President Sh / intermediate.”

The speech was held and the first spoke Akil Hussein Rage has hailed the meeting and spoke Ugas Abdullahi chief Saleh also welcome and hope he shows however Sultan Axmedrashiid Sheikh Shueyb turbulent business and welcome the president and the US in recent meetings he emphasized the coding. He said that the sultan candidates are safe for the town is blessed with administration / central.

Wabar Wabar Mohamed Ahmed welcomed the speech and said that the conclusion was reached and expressed hope that the two regions with the ability to build a share.

“Mr. President of the region is ready to establish a state of Sh / central region and, I repeat, is central to the entire congregation.”

Cultural rolls are prepared to take the advice I have been given 71 seats and we are ready to share Wabar said Mohamed Ahmed Wabar

The conference is now Ugas Hassan Ugas Mohamed Salaam after the split, he thanked the airport administration / central and the first chairman was beautiful to welcome the delegates in Hiran and the delegation.

Also here to the mission mahadeliyay regions for eight months in Jowhar.

“We gather today to complete the assembly of the state administration who kamaqana very little cultural understanding and siyaasiba they all are, we hope to facilitate the completion of God for us.” Said chief split.

Ugas Hassan Ugas Abdulle expressed that the experience was great. “Mr. President, you have redeemed the time the child is born into the stomach to xayirnaadana others are wrong and we are ready to complete the assembly.” Said Ugas Mohamed.

A representative of IGAD Jamal Haji Ahmed Hassan said that the role of the IGAD process management processes in both regions is set to simplify the Ministry of Interior and the elders to make administration.

“We want the fair to all is to witness our meeting will be considered held and noted that peace was not their role in building management, but it is just a simplification and agreed to build the administration.” Said Jamal agent of IGAD.

“Together we have witnessed howlfududeyn and we are ready to bring the council presidents Communique decisions over we are ready to assist and support solution we provide the Somali people.” Added Jamal Haji Ahmed.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Interior Yahya Ali Ibrahim, saying the salaam after he thanked held region.

“It is an honor for us that the President of the Republic to strengthen the federal permits that comes over Jowhar.” Said Yahya Ali.

“The process of establishing the two regions took several months for me to make it easier for the administration to pave the two regions we have, during the conference jiitamayayna not time lost.” Said Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Interior.

The formation of the President’s greetings admitted qudbadihii said rolls.

The president said the federation’s work led him first but decided to control the power of the people.

“The important thing is that we have a responsibility as appointed by the politburo of the ruling, it is ready to rule the country needs people who will say that judging from the bottom of the building.” Said President Hassan. The President emphasized that among the people who choose to manage.

“The problem we have is in which geeli we hit the girl we struck home so it continues to mind more guuxayso this crossing are needed that and it is the one yesterday in this day what was going on is that it leaves customers not but it leaves a person is lively. “said President Hassan.

“The people of the two regions to treat each other, agree to go booga dhayaan from the past with the patient.” Said President Hassan. ‘The decision is ultimately control the Interior Ministry’s regular meeting with the facilitators, who thinks the idea is to come into the community and presented, the opinion that people who do not follow him when his opinion not presented with. “he said.

“Everything starts mutual appreciation and respect, thinking someone else can not you accept that you refuse to asluubeysan.” He said.

The President noted that the state built in many challenges against dhismahoodii but later agreed at a greater emphasis has been made.

“There is no I am not going to MPs me codeysa to make the region wararkaasna is false.” He said.

“A person does not know the boy or girl will be more than ten thousand members of the delegation are choosing MPs who knows the person is not coming.” Added the President.

“Forum for the lead at 8 ended with the decisions reached in the affected, the state is still not meeting me is true of both regions is the means, but I am the national president of a specific region mine.”

The president has urged the two states to strive to build administrative and other regions are not left behind.

“The thing that protects you build and weight is difficult to have much of the remaining land still Shabab have, but there are small differences in the administration of the country to decide.” He said.

“Son of birth dhaamiyaa, but the unborn child is not trucking, must be barbaariyaa boy and intellectual and physical construction of the three subaxley dhaamiyaa.” He cited the example of the president.

“Both state and central Sh / Middle counsel to reach a lot of wasted time approaches, he is nowhere to sit down and decide that something can grow and flourish and be able to bring back one of the other boys.” He continued Hassan added.

“Propaganda is to listen to such a fear and a string of other intellectual sorry you had lost your success.” He said.

“The region is the easiest time to short to force it to build, the state is ready to help you provide the government will stand.” He said.

You have those expectations that you inconvenience and thank you to the raid, but the decision is in the hands of you and you are in agreement to build federalkana you become.


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